Jack Frost and the Carol for Kids and the Young at Heart
by Mark Brine

Author Mark Brine has done it again! This children’s (and the young at heart) adaptation of his original work, THE CAROL and The True Folk Legend of Jack Frost, has a deep biblical message, and is the missing link of history that at last unites the Santa Claus part of Christmas with the Bethlehem part. Order your copies today.

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ISBN for paperback: 978-0-9820699-6-7
ISBN for ebook: 978-0-9820699-7-4

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To God be the Glory: Revised Edition
by Regina Mixon

We’ve received your feedback and enhanced this book. If you like To God Be the Glory you will love this one. If you didn’t care for To God Be the Glory you will absolutely love the revised edition. This is the first and last revision for this book.

ISBN-13: 978-0982069905  Price: $14.99

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
by Regina Mixon

“Love”, the proverbial word often tossed around yet clearly misunderstood. What is love? Is it that sick feeling one gets when they’ve encountered someone they’re enamored with? Is it that rush that comes when you meet “the one”? How is love defined from a biblical perspective? Are there many different facets of love? What exactly is it? Is merely saying it enough? Is there only one true love?

This book is designed to make the reader aware of what love really is and to make one think before idly tossing the word around. Its purpose is to dispel many myths that have been circulating throughout the years as to the true meaning of love. Regina provides in this book some of the different terminology used as it relates to love and provides the true definition of love from a biblical perspective, using scripture and humorous anecdotes clearly illustrating what is, and is not, love.

ISBN: 978-0982069981    Price: $16.99

To God be the Glory
by Regina Mixon

Do you feel that you are too far gone in life to ever turn things around? Are you feeling helpless and/or maybe hopeless? Have you been told by those nearest and dearest to you that you will never amount to anything? well, this book provides you with hope based on real life events and lets you know that with faith in God and yourself, YOU CAN turn your life around and live better than ever before.
To God Be the Glory says it all. It is only through our faith in God and ourselves that determine our accomplishments in life. If you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel or maybe have hit your bottom, this book shows you how you are in an ideal position to be blessed like never before. Read it and be blessed.

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10% of proceeds will be donated to God’s Storehouse Ministries and others as the Lord leads.


§ How in the world is God glorified in this book?
§ Does God really speak to people?
§ Did Regina just totally miss it in what she did?
§ If God promised these things why didn’t they take place?
§ Was Regina on LSD or some other drug during this time?
§ Who would want to serve a God that allows such events to take place?
§ Why did it take Regina so long to learn the lessons?
§ Why was she singled out?
§ Who would plan a wedding without a man and why?
§ There is so much more to this story. Why isn’t it told here?
§ Is any of this biblically sound?
§ Why don’t you change the title of the book so that those that don’t read this type of material might consider purchasing it? Couldn’t you rename it to “Diary of a Mad Woman” or “Just Being Ms. Fix-it” or something to attract more readers?
§ Why so much emphasis on marriage? Is she saying that a person cannot be whole without a mate?

“To God Be the Glory” is a part of a series of books. The story unfolds more in “The Manifested Glory of God”, “Glory, Wind beneath My Wings” and “Glory”. This book is the authors coming out so to speak. As this book states, hopefully this will peak the readers curiosity and they will watch and see if the author is who she says she is and read the other books to see more importantly if God said what she said He did.

“The Manifested Glory of God” concludes the story and for those that are Christians we know that prophesies can take place over a few months or even many years. We also know that God who promises something is faithful. And we know that God shows us the end at the beginning. It’s in the Word.

So, to my readers I say…keep reading.

ISBN: 978-0977834853  Price: $14.99

Pursuing Your Purpose with Passion
by Regina Mixon

Everyone has a purpose in life. Once you’ve discovered yours how do you go about in pursuit of it? This book provides 8 practical steps for you to begin to pursue YOUR purpose as never before and to S O A R–See Over Average Results in your life. Renew your commitment to yourself and to God and begin to pursue your purpose like never before.

ISBN: 978-0982069912  Price: $9.99

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The Manifested Glory of God Synopsis
Regina Mixon shares in this book powerful information as it relates to her journey, God’s promises and the manifestations of some, but not all, of promises given her by God more than 15 years ago. She shares the promises, problems and provisions. This book culminates the “To God be the Glory” series. Regina, along with novice contributing writers, Courtney Williams and Roz Roberts, shares in this book Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way.

Regina shares reasons Why One Should Go to Church and how one can have A New Beginning among other great chapters to help one realize that they too, no matter how long the journey nor the obstacles, can see their dreams manifest and lives change in positive ways. The reader will come to the realization that any promise given them by God; through belief, faith, hope, perseverance, and lots of prayer, they too can live a successful, abundant life.

As you read this book, read it with an open mind and heart and be receptive to the contents and watch God transform you from the caterpillar to a butterfly; watch how you can begin to manifest your dreams and visions. 

ISBN 978-1-64008-502-2          Price: $17.99

​​About the Authors
All currently reside in the Southern California area. Both Regina and Courtney are current government employees while Roz was a former government employee and previously served in the military service. Both Regina and Roz are transplants to the Southern California area while Courtney is a native. Each are passionate about seeing and helping people become the best they can be; seeing people really begin to Pursue Their Purpose with Passion.
Regina has penned and published 6 books to include this one while this is Courtney’s and Roz’s first writings.
Regina, in addition to being an author, is a speaker, coach, entrepreneur, minister and founder of Regina Mixon Enterprises, REGS Books Publishing and God’s Storehouse Ministries. Roz Roberts is a coach and founder of Roz Roberts Enterprise. Courtney Williams is a recently promoted supervisor working with the federal government.

   New Children’s Author: Jordan D. Gilliam

2nd Grade Spy Kids and the Missing Skateboard

ISBN: 978-0-9820699-9-8  Price: $25.00

Jordan Gilliam is the son of Emily Mixon and Trayvon Gilliam. Currently residing in Southern California, Jordan has just completed 2nd grade and embarked upon his first writing effort with this book. As an honor student at McNair Elementary in Compton, CA, one of Jordan’s many goals, visions, and dreams is to write and publish many books. He is well on his way!

Jordan, Jeremy and Celeste were enjoying playing outdoors. Suddenly Jordan noticed his favorite skateboard was missing! Off they went in search of the missing skateboard. You won’t believe where they found it!


Photo’s–Michael’s Photography
"Illustrations Inspired by Aldo Avalos" Cover Design and Colorization by Dr. Netreia Carroll, Affordable Publishing

 ISBN  978-1-64136-052-4

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WOMEN waiting to EXHALE

by Regina Mixon

Glory, Wind Beneath My Wings
by Regina Mixon

Have you performed an act of kindness in someone’s life that you believe went unnoticed? Does a hero lie in you? It’s possible your act was the “wind beneath the wings” for its recipient that encouraged or propelled one to go to greater heights. One never knows.

For every success story, there are many people behind the scenes helping to make things happen; these are our unsung heroes. Glory, Wind Beneath My Wings profiles some that have been instrumental in this author’s success. Read on. You may be included in this. And if you’re not included in this one, keep performing random of acts of kindness. They never go unnoticed.

ISBN: 978-0982069929  Price: $14.99

​Regina Mixon Enterprises

"​Allow Me to Help YOU Pursue Your Purpose With Passion"

​-Regina Mixon

Daddy, Will You Remember Me?
by Felicia Tatum

“I was awakened by the sun beaming through the window, the sound of chirping birds filled the room. Another beautiful day God has blessed me to see. Today I am filled with joy. I feel so overcome by joy! I said my morning prayer — “God please continue to bless my family. Let everything we touch prosper and grow. I ask you Lord to bless daddy to continue to win the battle and be strong and never forget me. After dressing I headed over to daddy’s room to get him going for the day. To my surprise when I entered the room daddy was sitting up on the side of his bed smiling. Daddy was dressed and he greeted me when I walked in. “Good Morning Lis! How are you this fine morning?”  My reaction was shock and disbelief that daddy seemed to have fully recovered and was back to his normal self.” Daddy how are you?” “I am pretty good!”  “Daddy I don’t know what to say. I am speechless for once.” “I know Lis. I have traveled far and I have seen things you would not believe. My journey was long, but well worth the time.

”ISBN: 978-0-9820699-7-4 | Price: $17.99