​Regina Mixon Enterprises

"​Allow Me to Help YOU Pursue Your Purpose With Passion"

​-Regina Mixon


Book Publishing, Business Start-ups, Non-profit start-ups

30 minute Initial Consultation                                        Free

1 hour session                                                              $100.00

**Discounted rate for two one hour sessions per month locked in for 3 months**

Regina will provide you with the steps needed to become a published author via various formats, i.e., digital, ebooks, audio. She will also provide residents primarily in the California area with each and every step necessary to start up both a for-profit and non-profit business. These include licensing requirements, tax liabilities, insurance requirements, potential associations one can join to add more credibility as a legitimate business, Articles of Incorporation, EIN obtainment, Franchise Tax Board liabilities, and so much more.


Coaching (Coming Soon)

Life, Purpose, Grief, Financial, Health & Wellness (Primary Area is Purpose)

Initial Consultation (30 minutes)                                Free

1 hour session                                                           $100.00

**Discounted rate for two one hour sessions per month locked in for 3 months**

As a life coach, Regina’s mission is to help you to get from point A to point B in the areas listed above. This service will be available in 2018.

Book Publishing

Paperback, Hardback, Ebook

To request a bid for the services you desire, REGS Books Publishing provides an itemized statement for aspiring writers seeking to get their book in print. Emails and inquiries may be sent to info@regsbooks.org describing the services you need. A bid sheet will be provided upon request for the self-published author with menu options to show what particular service you are in need of as with the estimated cost.

An inquiry and a sample chapter of your book will be required for those seeking mainstream publishing. For those accepted, a Book Publishing Contract will be obtained.  (Prices vary depending on level of service desired) Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for a response either accepting or rejecting your submission. PLEASE NOTE: ALL MAINSTREAM AUTHORS HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR 2017 – 2018 CALENDAR YEAR!

Book Distribution (Coming Soon)

Distributed on social media sites, partner sites, REGS Books catalog, placement in-stores

See Book Distribution Contract (Prices vary depending on level of service desired)​


Leadership mentoring provided at no cost to mentee with the expectations that all aspects of the contract are followed.

Writing Workshop (Coming Soon)

Our program is designed to provide assistance with the writing process.

​Regina’s Services and Fees


REGS Books Publishing began as R.E.G.S. Books, LLC with hopes of being a publishing house for aspiring writers; those with great book ideas or stories to share with the world that could help inspire, empower, encourage, motivate and help its readers. R.E.G.S. Books LLC was the brainchild of founder Regina Mixon and was incorporated in the State of California in December 2006.

Regina penned and published her first book using Affordable Publishing Company of San Diego. After looking at the process and seeing the steps necessary to get a book from printed version to eBook and various methods to promote and market the books, Regina had an “aha” moment thinking first and foremost that she could utilize the gifts or the information learned to help others. There were several books published under this umbrella, primarily Regina’s with books published for authors Mark Brine and Felicia Tatum.

Due to a lack of adequate financial resources as well as the fact that Regina worked a full-time job, the vision never fully manifested and R.E.G.S. Books, LLC was dissolved.
REGS Books Publishing Company is now under the umbrella of Regina Mixon Enterprises and was birthed in March 2016. The intent in establishing this is to focus of putting Regina’s books in print and to promote and market those. It is the founder’s hopes that later she will be able to fully realize the dream of assisting others with publishing, promoting and marketing their books.

Regina’s goal is to work with writers/authors with books in the genre of self-help, educational, inspirational, motivational, Christian: fiction & non-fiction, children’s and cookbooks.