Regina helps people Discover Their Passion and Purpose by providing informative, uplifting and inspiring messages to her audiences. Regina serves as a keynote speaker, a panel speaker/leader, facilitator, trainer, Mistress of Ceremonies, dinner speaker and gives informative, inspirational, motivational, and humorous speeches.

Regina uses storytelling as an integral part of her messages as she believes that people are better able to relate to and remember real-life experiences.

Persuasive speeches are often given encouraging the attendees to look at situations from a different perspective.

Regina has a servant heart and is very passionate about seeing people become all that they aspire to be. Her messages of encouragement have helped many to begin the journey of Pursuing Their Purpose with Passion.

As a woman of faith, Regina believes that any and all goals, visions, and dreams are attainable and helps provide useful information and tidbits to help one start and stay on the path of going and growing.

Having had many years of experience as a teacher ministering in various churches, Regina often uses biblical principles in her teachings providing topical expository teachings as messages are delivered to various churches, women’s groups and others as the need arise.

Regina currently provides traditional speaking engagements, meaning those done are live and in-person. Webinars, Skype, Live Streams, conference calls, tele-summits are other ways Regina plans to deliver her messages of hope and empowerment.  To book for speaking engagements, please send emails to

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Motivational speaker

“Regina Mixon is a spirit-filled speaker who delivers words of wisdom in a dynamic way. Whatever the message is, it is heartfelt; spoken from the heart to the heart. Regina is truly an anointed messenger.”

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Pursuing Your Purpose with Passion

Many wander aimlessly through life not recognizing why they are here as with what their purpose is. Regina believes and knows that each person has a purpose. Using the steps given in her book by the same title, Regina provides some practical steps in helping one identify and begin to aggressively pursue their purpose,

Regina encourages people to identify, begin and continue the journey knowing that their purpose is for such a time as this!

The Power of A Praying Woman

Throughout history, it has been the prayers of women that have caused powerful changes in the outcomes in the lives of family, friends, and loved ones. We’ve heard and maybe even said, “I am living on the prayers of my mother or my grandmother. Prayer is a very POWERFUL tool that once fully tapped into can and will create positive changes in the life of the prayer warrior as well as the person prayed for. Although not a secret by any means, prayer is the key to unlocking many doors. Regina focuses on encouraging women to tap into the power of prayer; to become prayer warriors and see how lives will be changed and positively impacted.

Relationship 101—A Woman’s Worth

Today’s women (or many of them) don’t realize their value as a woman. Society has told them that they are this or that and confined them to certain areas often stating one cannot go beyond certain parameters. Regina shatters that myth by encouraging women to come to the full realization of who they are, Whose they are, and knowing that their value exceeds the price of the most costliest silver and gold in the world.

Regina helps women break the syndrome of “I’m not enough” or “I’m inadequate” or any of the negative garbage that has been fed them for years.

Regina shows how one can be resilient and even after making the most costly or devastating mistakes, upon realizing their worth, they can bounce back and let the queen within begin to shine; they can and will recognize their true value and worth as a woman.

Make the Best of Today

Today is the only day you have!  People become discouraged, depressed, and often despondent as they try to figure out and plan their lives. Regina believes one should plan, but not to the point on tackling or taking on the things that may or may not happen; by taking on all of the cares of life. Regina encourages her listeners to focus on making the best of each and every day; to focus on that day being the absolute best it can be.

It has been said that attitude determines altitude. By focusing on what can be done in this 24 hours and deciding at the beginning of each day that no matter what comes your way, you are going to make the best of it. A favorite quote Regina uses often originated with Abraham Lincoln: A person is only as happy as they decide to be. Yes, happiness is a choice and we have the power to choose at the onset of each day that I will make the best of today, today!

Regina at one time hosted a radio show by the same title and is very passionate as she relays this message.

No matter what is happening in one’s life, one can always, starting with a decision, make the best of that day.  Regina shares how. 


Life Has Knocked You Down-Get UP!

Today’s world and the issues dealt with on a day-by-day basis can drive one to think what’s the use, why should I try, why should I even get up? Life has knocked you flat on your butt. The good news is it is never too late to get back up.

Regina shares some of her life’s experiences, often using humor as she relays her story to her audience/listeners. She shares as a means of letting people know that even though one has been bruised, broken, busted, and feel disgusted, one can get back up…BETTER!

We are resilient and Regina shares how one can bounce back after setbacks.

Regina encourages women and men alike to not sit back and lick their wounds crying woe is me. She shares some very practical steps one can take to bounce back stronger and wiser after any setback. Life happens to everyone. No one is immune to the problems of life. Finances, relationships, losses, all are things people can rebound from.

Regina emphatically states to any and all: Never Make a Permanent Decision Based on a Temporary Situation. Life has knocked you down! It’s time to get UP!

Every Woman’s Battles

There are some things that happen in life that are unique to women only. The sad truth is when many are going through they feel as if they are the only one. From a biblical perspective, the word states there is nothing new under the sun. Translation: Whatever is/has happened to you has happened to someone else.

Regina digs into topics that are very relevant to women of today and engages her audience by allowing interactions and the sharing of their issues with others in attendance. Knowing that iron does sharpen iron, Regina helps women put pep in their step, square their shoulders, walking away knowing that yeah, maybe I’ve gone through some very real, serious issues; issues that have caused devastation and made me want to cave in and quit, BUT I am not alone.

Regina encourages women to partner with or friend those that can help them grow; to surround themselves with someone who has gone through similar situations; to draw strength from these women and to become the leaning post or shoulder for another to stand on. She encourages sisterhood.

We are family! I got all of my sisters with me is a slogan she has adopted in delivering this message. Others are from songs that many are familiar with—“I Will Survive!” and “I Am Woman”. 

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