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​-Regina Mixon


“In this book, Ms. Mixon shows us that no matter what we do and how difficult and challenging life may get, if we just hold on and have faith in God, healing and deliverance is available to us. Thanks Ms. Mixon for sharing your story and message of hope and to God be the Glory!”  

Annette Jones Davidson, Columbia SC

“In my opinion this book was very exciting and keeps the reader wanting more. This book will make you laugh and cry. Knowing Ms. Mixon personally and knowing of the trials and difficulties she’s had to overcome, I can only say “To God Be the Glory” as it is truly God that is taking her to the level others have only dreamt of. It is my prayers that this book becomes a best seller as many need to hear and read the messages contained in it.”
Felonesecia W. West, Minden

“Ms. Mixon shares her life’s experiences and testimonies which will undoubtedly touch the heart and soul of many women. She tells her story without hesitation so that others can be blessed. To God Be the Glory was written specifically to encourage those of us who are facing some of our darkest days or weakest moments. As you read her story may you find assurance that God never fails and will see you through any and all situations.”

Deborah Banks, Sisters of the Word Book Club, Inglewood, CA

“My sister Regina, you really had something to do with all of these blessings that I have received from God. Just in case you didn’t realize it one of or some of the prayers you sent up were for me and God heard your prayers. I am writing to tell you that I’m so happy for you. There are not too many people that could have gone through what you went through and still stand firm for the Lord. You are a mighty woman of God…By the way, men love your book too.”

Malcolm Minnieweather, Inmate, Collinston

“In life sometimes you come to a point when you are at a crossroad and you are not sure which path you want to follow. When this happens I think it is important to get in touch with your spiritual side. You need God’s favor and blessing to direct you down the right path. When this happens you are looking for a motivational guide that will uplift and help keep your faith that Gods blessing is right around the corner. You just have to be patient and wait on the Lord.

“I have been at this crossroads in my life and when I read To God be the Glory this was the perfect book to read for a little motivational uplift. I felt this book helped me get back in touch with my spiritual side. It showed how God can work in your life and take you places that you never imagined. To God be the Glory takes you on a journey that most of us can relate to in some way or another. It shows how you can give up and think that nothing is ever going to change, but when God starts to work miracles in your life you know that God is always on time. The book shows that God is not on your time schedule: He is on his own schedule, and He knows the right time to start working in your life. God sometimes makes things a little uncomfortable so when He does start to show his miracles and blessing you can appreciate the blessings so much more.”

Felicia Tatum, SSA Employee, California


“Greetings in the name of Jesus! My name is Millicent. I am employed with the City of South Gate as a Recreation Leader. I would like to give a testimony on how the book To God be the Glory affected my life. First I want to Thank Sis. Regina Mixon for writing this book. I had and have been going through many tests and trials. But after reading her book it gave me more courage and faith to put my entire trust in God. Now don’t get me wrong, it didn’t take flight over night it was a process and I am still going through the process. But I can truly say that my faith in God has grown and I am learning to believe more in my Heavenly Father to take care of me and my family. I had been looking for a new place to move into. I put in applications after applications only to be denied. My faith began to waver but I remember in the book how Sis. Regina stayed strong and held onto her faith, so that is what I did. And God has blessed me and my family with a bigger apartment than what we had. To God Be The Glory.” 

Millicent Wofford, City of South Gate

”Before I came across the book,” To God Be the Glory” I was going through some things and didn’t know where to turn.  One day my aunt, Amita Ann Memillian James called me and said she had a book that I should read and I went and got the book.  I read this book in two days because I could not put it down. This book was like someone was speaking directly to me.  This book has opened my eyes and made me change a lot of things in my life. I need to thank you Ms. Regina Mixon for this book because my life is so much better now and I am growing everyday.”

Tena Trekpah, Kaplan University, Bachelor of Science in Human Services-Child and Family Welfare Program

​“Ms. Mixon is giving her inner self to help all who look for handling life’s perils.  She directs readers to our Lord for solace, salvation and protection as we travel through this foreign land.  To God Be The Glory is a piece to read and absorb to God’s work in our lives.”

Gail Marie Hughes King, Assistant District Manager, Social Security Administration​​​